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Is your furniture looking a little tired? Are the colors drab? Do your walls look sterile? Don’t take a trip to the furniture store just yet! Add some spice to your home using picture frames. Picture frames are a great way to add color and variety to a living area that has a monotonous feel to it. Add some pizzazz by adding exotically designed frames or unique, non-traditional frames. Not only do the frames enhance the photo, but they’ll also bring out the best in your home.

Decide which picture frame colors are right for your home. We’re not after changing your entire color scheme; just adding to what you already have. One important thing to note is that colors are known to evoke certain moods. Red is a color known for passion and energy. If you want to create an aura of excitement, choose red. This color is also eye-catching and grabs the viewer’s attention. Blue toned colors are known to evoke a calm, serene effect. These colors are more passive and they have a tendency to sink into their background. Neutral colors are used to offset bolder colors in use. These colors also have a tendency to pick up a tinge of the bold colors they are close to. Yellow highlights are great for brightening a room. They generally communicate a joyful, happy atmosphere. Liven up the mood in your home by adding splashes of color by utilizing brightly-colored picture frames.

Use contrasting colored picture frames in the areas you want to accent. For example, use a bold multi-colored picture frame in a room filled with neutral colors. The deep rich colors will complement nicely with the neutral tones already present. The color splashes will draw the eyes to the frame and stand out. If you have a room already filled with colors, tone it down by using light, neutral colored frames like bamboo wood. The lightly colored frames will accent your picture without competing with the furniture for color.

multi-colored frames right for you? That depends on the contents of your frame and the room style you are after. There are many elegant and trendy frames containing two or even three colors. Be careful however, to not let the frame compete with the colors of your photo. Some photos just plain get lost in the color scheme of the frame. You decide what works best for you. Still, there are multicolored frames that work. Children’s rooms are great for rainbow colored frames and they also add a cheery touch to the room. In a pastel colored room like the bathroom, a deeper richer hue of the same color on the frame brings the right attention to your picture. Just ensure that the picture frame colors blend with the present color scheme of your room and photo.

Color adds a distinctive touch to your home décor. Use it to bring attention to your wall hanging or bring out the deeper colors of your furniture. With some creativity, colors can warm up a room as well as cool it down. Colors can be used in a multitude of ways to add life to your home. Let picture frames help you with coloring your home!

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