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There are several reasons you might consider displaying valued photos in religious picture frames or those with a spiritual feel. An old Chinese proverb supposedly says that a picture is worth a thousand words. This was wrongly translated and actually means instead that a picture’s meaning can express ten thousand words. Especially in very personal circumstance relating to religious or spiritual feelings, it may be hard to express the full meaning in words. However, a photo or drawing might convey the deep meaning much better. In this case, choosing a picture frame designed to contribute to that message will emphasize its significance.

A parent or grandparent might choose a photo frame with a religious theme as a gift for a child or grandchild in order to express and share a belief about strongly held concepts.

Commemorating an event such as a birth or wedding with cherished photos and a spiritually-oriented frame may give the occasion an additional meaning.

A religious atmosphere in a home may be enhanced by the choice of picture frames with the same aura. In that case, one has only to glance at the photo to be reminded of the presence of God in his or her life. Many people choose to display religious scenes in their bedrooms so that they are the first thing seen every day upon awakening to the new day.

The primary function of a picture frame is to protect and highlight the contents it holds. But just as a beautiful work of art can be diminished by placing it in an inappropriate frame, so an excellent frame can absolutely improve the beauty of the picture it holds.

A meaningful picture adds to the memories we hold dear whether of an important occasion such as a baptism or communion service or instead of a casual occasion such as a child’s game at church, or a photo of a parent reading to a child from a religious work.

Sometimes a generic frame will detract from the contentment we experience when revisiting an occasion via a photograph. There are many frames that impart a spiritual meaning and choosing one of them for the right picture will make a big difference.

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