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It doesn’t matter if they were taken with a film camera or a digital camera. All pictures, especially the very good ones, need to be seen. And this is something you can only do with photo picture frames.

Picture frames these days not anymore limited to the tacky and boring. They have expanded to the innovative and technologically savvy and to the downright artistic. But just in case you forget: pictures printed on paper need to be store inside a solid wood, metal or paper photo picture frame, while those in digital format, i.e., in your PC as jpg files, can be stored inside digital pictures frame.

Of course, the traditional picture frame is always cheaper than its digital counterparts. These fairly new inventions by digital picture frame photo manufacturers are pricey, costing at least $60 and up to over $1,300. But there are good things about digital picture frames that make them very appealing.

At the very most, you will only need to buy one of these gadgets, because they are capable of showing up to several hundred pictures in slideshow format. With traditional picture frames, you can only display that many pictures if you have enough space and you have enough photo frame sets. It doesn’t matter if they are ceramic photo frames or clip picture frames, you will need many of them. The photo picture frame LCD, aside from having enough storage memory, is easy to operate with its onscreen menu and multi-function button tool.

With traditional picture frames, you may need to cut out pictures just to fit them into the frames – unthinkable if we’re talking about priceless and irreplaceable pictures. A digital photo picture frame doesn’t have this kind of problem since it has a scaling feature that auto-fits a picture to the screen. You don’t even need a PC to do this.

However, if you are averse to technology, at least the traditional photo picture frame has more jazzed up styles now. And you can actually find the quintessential picture frame in myriad shapes, sizes and styles to cater to every taste and persuasion, and lest we forget: any occasion.

For weddings, a silver-plated picture frame is the perfect gift. Other metal picture frames can be used to mark a special occasion. But if you’re the practical type, there are picture frames that are just right on the budget. There are photo picture frames surrounded by large matting, which you can fill up with signatures and dedications. Poster frames are also a good option for the budget-conscious.

If you like to go by your own style, you can always expend some Do-It-Yourself effort on your picture frames. Not only does this add a personal touch to your picture frames, but it can also work up your creativity and spirit of self-expression.

Whatever type of photo picture frames you go for, you should know that you always have options. Gone are the days of putting up with tacky picture frames. In fact, more and more people are favoring the digital picture frames.

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