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The beautiful rich colors of this tree found naturally in Hawaii make a great addition to your assortment of picture frames. Ranging from a light, grainy color to a deep red hue, koa wood is an excellent choice for your island moments.

Koa wood picture frames are available in a variety of ready made sizes. Ready made picture frames come in the standard sizes like 4” X 6” and 24” X 36”. Ready made picture frames also come in unusual sizes like 21” X 7” as well as multi-photo frames holding two or even three photos. Shadow box picture frames are also available as ready made. This distinctive and exotic wood can also be worked into a custom frame for your special framing needs.

Koa wood can be used in many ways. Historically, koa wood was used to build canoes, spears and paddles. Today, koa wood has found its use in a variety of ways from wall paneling, to home décor, furniture, jewelry and of course, picture frames! Interestingly, koa wood is also used in the production of guitars and ukuleles. Koa wood is also used as the wall paneling and office furniture of the Hawaii state legislature as well as in courtrooms. Walking the streets of Waikiki, you’ll find pendants and bracelets made from this unique wood.

This indigenous wood can be found growing naturally on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is Hawaii’s fastest growing tree, growing up to one inch per year in diameter. Koa trees can reach heights of 100 feet tall and widths of up to five feet. The State of Hawaii has taken measures to protect this valuable resource because of the habitat it provides for other endangered wildlife species. Careful farming practices ensure that koa wood remains a renewable resource and an affordable commodity.

Use Koa wood to enhance your tropical themed décor. Koa wood comes in a variety of colors making it flexible for any color theme. Use the rich red colored koa variety to accentuate your calming blue toned colors. They also help to bring out the richness of earthy colors such as medium to light browns and light yellows. The darker koa colors are also great for evoking a distinguished, elegant aura in your prints. The lighter colored koa picture frames work well with the fabulous colors of the tropics. Produce excitement with the bright reds of the island’s hibiscus flower or liven up your home with colorful scenic views. Either way, you can always find a uniquely colored koa wood picture frame that will work with your decorating plan.

Koa wood picture frames make timeless keepsake gifts. The smooth finishes and deep, rich colors of Koa wood give it a distinctive air of prestige that is sure to complement your photos or art works. Commonly associated in Hawaii as being the status symbol of woods, Koa wood will add a touch of nobility to any decorating design. Despite that, this wood’s amazing versatility is also seen through its use with lighter, more colorful art work, making it an excellent choice as a gift. Just about anyone can use a Koa wood picture frame!

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