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Got a teen in your home? Here’s a little tip. Kids love to see photos of themselves (even the adults do too!). A collage of your teen’s favorite shots hanging on the wall is a great way to add a personal dimension to your home décor. It’s also a great way to show off your teen’s flair and charm within your home!

The picture frame you choose can be as important as selecting the photos. Everything speaks, right? The picture frame you choose should reflect the personality of your teen. Does your child have a soft and demure personality? For girls, use a pastel fabric frame with soft colors and perhaps even lace or beads. For boys, we suggest using a lightly colored wood frame or earth toned frames. Is your child brazen and bold? Try deeply colored frames or frames that are uniquely designed to speak boldness throughout. You get the idea.

The uniqueness of the frame style is also important. With consumers trying to find more ways to individualize and personalize home décor, a host of frame styles are being created that show off personal flair. This should be no problem with the wide array of frame styles. Frames nowadays are being tastefully designed using glass, metal, ceramic, and wood. Many picture frames are also now decorated. Cartoons characters, favorite sayings and neon colors are just some of the frames that you can display your youth’s photos in. Consider also allowing your teen to personalize the frame or even glass with writing or drawings.

Collage picture frames appeal to your teen. These frames allow your teen to display several favorite events all at once. Don’t be surprised to see your teen’s best friend, a funny face or even that special someone in their life (and it’s not the parents.) 3-D collage picture frames are a big hit as well as they have a dimensional affect and are easy to create. See the creativity come out in your teens when they have to put all of this together!

Create a glittery glamour picture frame. For this you’ll need gold and silver glitter, gold and silver craft leaves, liquid glue, and a collage picture frame with at least 1 mat space board between the glass and backboard. Have the space board cut so that it frames the cutout section plate. Remove the cutout section and backboard from the frame to work with. Around each of the photo cutouts, place a thin strip of glue to outline it. Pour glitter onto the glue and shake off the excess. Use gold and silver glitters for each of the cutout areas’ alternating colors. On the blank areas of the picture frame use the glue to make squiggly lines and glitter them. Glue on the gold and silver leaves attaching them to the squiggly lines. Let this dry for at least an hour. When dry, position your glamour shots on the backboard and fasten them with double sided photo tape. Carefully place the cutout section onto the backboard. Adjust the corners so they are evenly spaced. Lay your mat spacer over the cutout section and carefully place the glass over the spacer. Place the layered contents into the frame and hang. This adds a simple touch and is a nice addition to your teen’s décor!

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