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Picture frames are a great way to display many unique items. Many times, the picture frames themselves are distinctive and lend themselves to be works of art. From exotic designs to plain wood and metal, picture frames help to accent both the color scheme of the room as well as the picture itself. Here are just a few ideas for the contents of your unique picture frames.

Hand painted canvas art are all original works and of course, painted by hand. They are one-of-a-kind and come in a variety of styles that complement just about any taste. The cost of hand painted art varies by artist with increasing prices reflected by increasing notoriety. If you like original designs, these artworks are for you. Single-colored hand-crafted picture frames work well with this type of art. Let the intricately carved designs of the picture frame enhance but not overpower the colors of the original artwork.

Prints are duplicated copies of any image. These are commonly posters or photographs, but any reproducible artwork can be sold as a print. Normally, prints are printed on special photographic paper to protect the colors of the print over time. Prints may also be sold as limited-edition, numbered copies to protect the value of the printed artwork. Prints can easily be found in a poster shop or art gallery. They can be obtained for a fraction of the cost of hand painted canvass art. Choose your unique picture frame based on the colors of your print.

Canvas art are copies of images printed on canvas. Much like prints, most anything can be printed on canvas for your viewing pleasure. Canvas art may also be found as a limited-edition series. When purchasing canvas, check to see if the artwork is an original or a copy. There is a significant difference in the price and you don’t want to be surprised when you discover that you don’t have what you thought you had. Like prints, select your picture frame based on the colors that are already within your print.

Preserved objects and memorabilia look fantastic when displayed in a shadow box. Consider using dried pressed flowers in a picture frame. You can also consider spray painting dried flowers or other foliage. Other items that can add a nostalgic feel to your home are home notions, puzzles, and silhouettes. These items look great in shadow box picture frames or even trendy metal work picture frames. Colorful wood or paper picture frames can also add a hint of the garden aura to your picture framed art.

No house would be complete without displaying at least one photo. Whether they are restored, black and white, sepia or digital, photos always add a more intimate and personal touch to home décor. While photos can be used with just about any picture frame, consider the theme of your home to limit the number of choices you have.

There are so many options when deciding to display your favorite items in picture frames. With a little creativity and some inspiration, you can easily add your individual flare and charm to your home!

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