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Eco-friendliness is gaining wide support as consumer become more conscious of what’s going into their products. Just what is eco-friendly? Eco-friendly products are made from an assortment of natural materials such as plants and flowers, sea shells, and trees that are non-endangered as well as all-renewable. The products also are biodegradable. With growing concerns over the condition of our natural resources and environment, its no wonder that eco-friendliness has made its way into the picture frame industry.

Eco-friendly picture frames come from a variety of sources such as Nepal, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, as well as many other locations including the United States. The items are also uniquely hand crafted by skilled artisans with great attention for detail. You can find these exotic products quite easily on the internet in an assortment of paper frames that come in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes. Some stores sell wood frames made from city trees recovered and recycled through the Urban Tree Salvage project. Demand for this type of picture frame or photo album is high. You can find a wide selection of picture frames made from materials such as cinnamon, pearl shells, coconut shells and bamboo.

Wondering how you can make use of these fine products in your home décor? The picture frames come in a variety of sizes but beware that the sizes might be measured in centimeters rather than inches. Also, keep in mind that while there are frames that are larger, most of the eco-friendly picture frames were meant for photos no larger than an 8 X 10 frame. When deciding on your purchase you should also check to see if these frames can be hung on the wall or only on table tops. You should also check to see if they can be used both horizontally and vertically.

You have to admit that the creativity and exquisite craftsmanship of each picture frame makes it a unique piece that is sure to be talked about in your home. The natural, earthy colors of the frame blend well with almost any color scheme. Most of the picture frames are multi-colored contrasting light and dark materials. You’ll find deep rich brown shells complemented by off-white shells. You’ll also find textured green and brown leaf designs accented buy natural fiber ropes. The materials of these popular designs come from banana tree bark, coconut shells, and “lamtoro” bean fiber.

Are eco-friendly picture frames right for you? Here’s one last tidbit of information. Not all, but some of the suppliers (we’ll call them manufacturers) of these exotic frames come from third world countries. The artisans live in rural villages and these picture frames, photo albums and other artifacts are often their opportunity for a better life. Not only does it benefit their livelihood, but they are also learning to make a living without jeopardizing the environment. What a great deal! Still deciding if these picture frames are right for you? We’ll just leave that decision up to you. There’s no doubt however, that these exotic picture frames will add a distinctive flavor to your home décor

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