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Sometimes when you walk into a house you immediately notice that the picture frames on the wall are grossly inappropriate for the surroundings. It may be that they are too extravagant, not lively enough, or just donít reflect the tone of the photos being displayed. Whatever the reason, picking a frame that accents your photo as well as your decor in an important design element. Picking a great frame is not hard as long as you keep a few things in mind.

Depending on your tastes and the existing style of your room, you will probably pick a frame from one of a few frame styles. Unless your tastes are completely off the wall your decorating style probably falls within a few categories and there are plenty of frames in each category to choose from. Traditional styles include wood frames with or without carvings or other embellishments, contemporary frames made of glass, metal or even extremely plain wood, and whimsical frames that can add color and interest to your photos. Your individual tastes will dictate which type of frame you choose as you want it to compliment your existing style.

Even if your style is very unconventional it is always good to go with a versatile frame. A simpler frame will have an easier time transitioning to another room than a very ornate frame will. Consider the style of the whole house, not just the room you intend to hang the picture in, in case you change your mind and the frame needs to move. If you get tired of looking at a photo on your neon accent wall, it wonít look so good in your black and white kitchen.

Grouping similar frames and photos together creates unity within your photos. Creating a grouping like this will unite your photos and form a focal point. Hanging a group of black and white photos all with the same type of frame will create a stunning focal point as will grouping all your family photos together and using the same frame type. You can experiment with using slightly different variations of the same frame to achieve a similar affect, maybe varying the shade or width.

Sometimes the frame can overwhelm the picture. Weíve all seen the huge frame surrounding the delicate photograph of daises; it just doesnít work. Donít let the frame overwhelm the picture but at the same time be sure that a bold picture gets a bold frame. The same is true for matching a frame to decor, Thick black frames just donít jive well with pastel walls and you donĎt want a thin metal frame in a bold colorful room.

Picking a frame that accents a photo and surrounding style isnít hard and luckily it has a lot to do with your personal style. If you are having trouble picking a frame, donít hesitate to take your photo to a frame shop and get a professional opinion. They might have insight you had not considered. In the end you have to pick a frame that you like and that matches your tastes, so have fun with it.

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