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Many people give gifts that were purchased at a store. It's not uncommon to receive gifts on the more special occasions; it's more personal to give a gift that comes from the heart. When you give someone a personalized photo album it lets them know that they mean very much to you. Although you may not have a lot of pictures to choose from when it comes to creating a personalized photo album, you should know that they have plenty of friends who can help.  

If you have attended a wedding then you know that a slide show or video is usually shown about the bride and groom and how they came to find each other. It's usually about five minutes long and plenty of tears are shed because of the happiness that surrounds the two people. Videos are a great way to entertain people and are more fun to watch with a group. A personalized photo album says so much more because each picture tells a story about that person's life and how they lived. When you present a personalized photo album to a bride and groom it gives them a chance to sit down and reflect on their lives before they knew the other person. It's more of an intimate gift because it touches the heart more than you could know.  

Sometimes there are tragedies in our lives. We all have to endure them and when we survive the heartbreak, we just have pictures left over to remind ourselves of the person's past. Creating a personalized photo album of memories is one way to keep their memory alive. Many people love to share stories about the person who has passed on and when they have a photo to tie with the story you can be assured that they hold the memories as dear as you do. Often these types of photo albums are a solid reminder of who the person was and how they influenced and touched other people's lives. It's not a coffee table photo album but one that can be passed around to family members so they can reminisce about the person they once knew.  

A lot of photo albums are being presented with a positive slogan attached such as "Live Laugh Love" and "Friends," other themes such as "Prom" or "Ladies" can be etched into the photo album cover. When you present these kinds of photo albums to people they will be excited to see what fun photographs you have captured. You might feel like you lived it through a lens but you have really created a living memory for people to visit each time they need to be reminded of a happier time.  

Even though a personalized photo album should not replace a gift, you can always present it later or leave it for the person to find after the party. You can even deliver it yourself and let them know you wanted to make sure they know how much it means to you to have them in your life. A group of people could present it or one person could be designated. It's about giving a part of yourself to the person who means everything to you. Wrapped gifts are always nice to receive but it's hard to wrap a memory.

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