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A new birth is a time for grand celebration. Along with celebration comes giving—a sign of gratitude and community and extended family. Frankly, if photography had been around when Jesus was born, we suspect one of the three magi might have given a picture frame. It is just a great way to mark a most significant event.

1. The best and longest lasting gifts have an emotional impact. A picture frame as a baby gift is anchored into the emotions of love, abundance and gratitude that the parents are already feeling. They want to show off and the picture frame lets them do just that.

2. Many gifts are nice, but fall into the category of “stuff”. The outstanding baby picture frame is designed only to enhance and complement the photo, and when it is your own baby, well, nothing is more important. By giving a picture frame as a gift, you are giving the parents, the grandparents, and everyone who sees the framed photo a big dose of love.

3. The picture frame as a baby gift is flexible, in that the parents get to chose which of their precious photos can be best displayed by the frame you give. They get to pick where and how to display it, which further enhances their parental role as the architects of the new baby’s environment.

4. When you give a picture frame as a baby gift, you are certain that it will be used, because you are honoring the baby and the parents. It is unimaginable that the parents would not use the frame because they, too, want to honor the new family member.

5. A well designed picture frame can end up “owning” the location in which it is first placed. For this reason, many people will continue to update the baby picture frame with the newest photo as the baby grows. And so it is a gift that continues to give pleasure, love and caring.

6. It is inexpensive and yet has a lasting value. All our frames are reasonably priced and are made of high quality materials with careful craftsmanship.

7. It is extremely convenient when purchased over the internet. Your gift can arrive within days, and this will save you time and money trying to find the gift in a retail store.

8. It is a perfect match for the new baby because you select it from a site that specializes in picture frames. You will be certain that you have picked a special frame that you just can’t find in other locations.

9. It is unique. Other friends are not likely to give the same gift, and so it demonstrates that you have gone to extra care to give the perfect baby gift.

10. You can request a special gift wrap for this baby gift. It all contributes to the fact that you really care and that you have given the gift after serious consideration and have determined that it is the ideal gift for the occasion.

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