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You might be looking for a great present to bring to a friend’s baby shower party, or to give as a celebration for a healthy baby. There are so many possibilities, ranging from the utilitarian (such as clothes and blankets) to colorful toys and interesting crib-side music and artwork. Some gifts are purely for the baby, others are for parents and some are for the whole family including the baby.

Consider a baby picture frame! Indeed, this is a great opportunity for you to make a gift that is clearly focused on the baby, has lasting quality, and provides on-going enjoyment for everyone who sees it.

Infants grow up so fast. Every day at first you can see changes. Each new development is exciting. After a few months, the changes might be a little more subtle, perhaps just noticeable weekly. Most parents take photos to celebrate each developmental milepost and each significant occasion. Photos of smiles, photos of cute events, of doting grandparents, of happy relatives, of an entire series of “firsts”. First laugh, first solid food, first truly messy face, first crawl, first step, and so on. That’s the way it works: parents can’t seem to get enough of their kids as they develop. They want to keep track of every development and sign of progress that can be perceived. They always monitor changes and record them accordingly, either through videos or photos. Have you ever wondered why a lot of people often have more photos of their early childhood?

Face it--parents are more excited when their kids are younger and making changes very frequently. A gift like
baby’s first year picture frame can help parents pick out the very best of the photos, the ones that will always be smiled at and fondly remembered. It will never be out of fashion.

One way to look at it is that if you don’t give the parents a baby picture frame, you know for certain that they will be looking for it on their own. So why not just give a baby picture frame now? They come in such a wide selection, so many options and a wide variety of designs that it will be fun to find just the right picture frame. You can be creative and unique with this gift.

A traditional option is the silver colored metal frame. You can find bigger frames that are designed to show four, six or even 12 smaller photos, and some might have etched writing along the line of “my first year.” Others are blue or pink. Manyothers are wood or resin, some with vibrant colored features and shapes. There are so many designs to choose from that with some creative thinking, you can really make it special for them.

Baby photo frames come in very attractive colors that are really expressive of the joy that these babies give to their parents. You can also seek for personalized designs that will include the baby’s name or another line of text. You can also include your individual taste by adding your own designs. Like baby photo albums, they allow people to express their creativity and artistic personality. These children will surely take pride in your gift when they grow up.

Picture frames are also ideal for tight budgets. Alternatively, many toys are relatively expensive, and parents or close family usually prefer to buy their own because they know their own preferences. Most people know that toxic lead paint was recently found in some imported toys, and now, thankfully, baby toys are more subject to stricter quality regulations. This makes them more expensive.

Baby photo frames are useful and can often be obtained at a low cost and still be ideal for the occasion. And because children do not have to use them directly, there is a great chance that they will last for a long time, perhaps even a lifetime. Even though they were received as baby shower gifts, grown children enjoy seeing their own baby pictures as well. And because young children won’t be handling them directly, there is a great probability that frames will preserve the quality of the image inside over a long period of time, perhaps a lifetime.

Picture frames are available at a large number of retail stores that probably don’t specialize in frames, but do sell them as general merchandise. Our preference is to buy picture frames on line because we find much greater selection, higher quality, and unique shapes and sizes to match every budget. Online, you can purchase your baby picture frame with minimum hassle and expense using your credit card. Frames are often shipped the same day or next day, for delivery right to your house or office.

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