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The birth of a new baby is cause for celebration. It is one of the most important times in a new parentís life and is a moment that they will hold on to forever. A baby teaches us how to love unconditionally, how to give of our whole hearts, and how to cherish each day, especially since babies grow so quickly. A baby picture frame is the perfect way to capture those precious, fleeting moments in a babyís life. Whether itís a babyís first bath, or a babyís first smile, a baby picture frame is a great way to display those cherished memories.

Baby picture frames even make wonderful gifts. Often times, people give gifts that are temporary and can only be used for a short amount of time. They give clothes that the baby will wear for a few months at best, or they give toys that the child will grow tired of once they reach a certain age. A picture frame is a gift that will last a lifetime and can be enjoyed for years to come. Baby frames come in a myriad of styles as well. There are frames that are gender-neutral or geared specifically towards boys or girls. Some baby frames come in glass, silver, or stone. They can even include decorative artwork, like tiny trains, bows, the babyís name, or a meaningful saying. Here are some tips to help you pick the the perfect baby frame.

Look for something meaningful: A baby frame will last a lifetime, therefore, it is important to take the time to chose a frame that will mean something special to the parents and child. A good choice, perhaps for older parents, might be a black frame with a simple saying like, ďmiracle.Ē Another great option is a babyís first year collage picture frame. These frames are a great way for parents to display a photo from each month of a babyís first year. These frames are a sure to evoke meaningful memories every time a parent looks at them.

Chose something that will match the parentís decor: If you know the decorative style of the parentsí home, chose something that will fit within their decor. Donít pick a frame that is gaudy and has the potential to go out of style. Select one that will fit the decor of a home for years to come. If they have a contemporary style, consider a silver baby frame. Silver frames have a contemporary flair and are sure to add a nice touch to the home. If the parentsí decor has a western theme, consider a baby frame that speaks to their personal style. A great option would be a baby picture frame shaped like a cowboy boot. Be creative, but keep the parentsí decor in mind.

Choose something that YOU like: As a friend or family member, you surely have some idea of what the parents will like, but if you put your own taste into the equation, too,the frame you end up with will have been doubly examined and passed a double test. If you include some of your own personality in the choice, whenever the parents look at it, they will remember that it came from a valued person who cared enough to make a careful selection and that supports your close relationship.

With so many options to chose from, you are bound to find the perfect baby frame. Take your time, chose something meaningful, and you will give a gift that will keep those fleeting, childhood memories on display for a lifetime.

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