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If you are looking for a way to make your home or office environment feel inviting and reflect your personality, displaying personal photos might be your solution. But creating an appealing yet cohesive display can be challenging. A group of photos can easily end up looking chaotic and cluttered, with photos of different sizes and different types of frames competing with one another. A picture collage frame provides an elegant, yet easy, solution.

A collage frame, or multi-opening frame, might contain a mat that is cut to accommodate two or more photos. Another style uses the outer edging material to surround each area. There are many different options to choose from: the number of openings as well as the size and finish of the frame. Finishes range from sleek metal to traditional wood. This versatility allows for considerable creativity in creating a custom photo display. Here are some suggestions on how to optimize your picture collage frame.

If your tastes lean toward a spare, modern look, select collage frames with fewer than five openings in each. The frames should complement your environment, which might mean simple black wood frames, or polished metal frames. To preserve an atmosphere of calm and simplicity, make sure all the multi-opening frames are made of the same material, but choose different sizes to create more visual interest. For example, consider choosing three collage frames, one with two openings, one with three openings and one with five.

Next, select the photos you wish to display. In a modern environment, black and white photos echo the simple, spare lines of the furnishings, while adding some drama. Also keep in mind the scale of each photo: a photo portrait that is tiny will be lost next to a close-up.

If you are creating a collage frame photo wall in a traditional environment, you might choose wood frames in the same tones as other furnishings in the room. Color photos work well in a traditional environment, but the key to a successful display here is to use either color or black and white: avoid mixing the two. If you have color photos you love and also want to incorporate some older family photos, consider printing your new color images as sepia prints, an option on most printers. This will give your photos a uniform appearance while allowing you to use your latest images.

Once you discover how easy and fun it is to create a framed collage, you'll see they make exceptional gifts. The sleep-deprived parents of a new baby would be thrilled to receive a baby collage frame for the nursery. A large photo collage frame could hold a series of pictures that tell the story of one's travels. If your collage frame has a mat, you can make the display more fun and personal by writing dates or comments on it.

Whether you want to capture a moment in time or you want to create a visual archive, a framed collage is easy to make, versatile and affordable. And you are guaranteed a unique item to display or to give.

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