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A collage is a type of visual art that comes from the name “coller”, which in French, means to glue. To make this type of art, pieces of newspaper clippings, objects, ribbons, colored paper, and photographs are used. In the case of making a friend’s collage, you could use photos, handwritten notes, pieces of a prom dress, a program from a school event, beads from going to Mardi Gras, etc. Once all the pieces are glued in place, the collage could be beautifully framed and displayed or given to someone special as a unique gift.

The collage was only discovered at the start of the 20th century but today, it is a very popular type of art or craft. During the 1970s, a piece of art such as this was very popular and then for some reason, it died down but currently, we now see the friend’s collage on the rise, something people of any age could make. For one thing, the project is creative and fun but the outcome is unique.

A friends collage picture frame could be made at a get together for school-aged kids, an art project directed by a teacher, or even by adults that have been friends and want a way of capturing cherished events shared during the friendship. Although there are several ways of defining the collage, the most common is called decoupage. With this, multiple copies of photographs, magazine clippings, school programs, notes, etc., are cut into varying shapes and then glued onto a large poster board at different angles.

The second most common type of a friends collage is known as a photomontage. In this case, rather than objects or images, only photographs are used. The goal in this case is to create a composite photograph using and gluing together numerous other photographs. In other words, a photomontage of a flower vase might consist of photographs of people, landscape, and animals, using the color and forms within the photographs to build a unique composite.

Thanks to technology, a friends collage could also result from digital images from the computer. A number of excellent software programs exist that can be used to create the digital form of the collage. Regardless of the option preferred, making a friend’s collage is a beautiful representation of years together experiencing everything life has to offer. Once the piece is complete, it can be sprayed with a sealer to protect the photos and framed.

All you need is a poster board in the size you want the final piece of art to be. Then, choose a variety of photographs, whether in print or downloaded from the computer, along with objects, magazine clippings, and other things that were or are a part of the friendship. We also recommend that you choose items that are in the person’s favorite color and style so the final collage could be proudly displayed while coordinating with his or her home’s decor.

Once you have everything gathered, you would then begin the process of cutting edges of photographs and other items into desired shapes. You could even cut some things out to spell the individual’s name. Next, using decoupage adhesive, the photos and other items would be added onto the poster board. The key to the final collage looking professional is to be patient while making it, carefully choosing what will be used.

Keep in mind, the background of the poster board you choose could be any color wanted, adding to the final look. With everything in place, you would simply take the friend’s collage to a local hobby store to have it professionally framed in glass or purchase a frame that you like and handle the framing yourself. You can be 100% certain that this gift is one that will be forever treasured.

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