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Millions of people around the world have pets and in fact, most people have more than one. Although the family dog is the most common type of pet, other traditional pets include cats, birds, fish, snakes, horses, rabbits, goats, and pigs. Of course, along with common types of pets, people also enjoy unique or exotic pets such as spiders, monkeys, llamas, ostriches, and many more. No matter the type of animal you enjoy, the best way to keep your pet close is with a pet picture frame.

Typically, people that keep pets view them not as animals but extended members of the family. Some people allow pets to sleep in the bed with them, some will feed pets whatever foods the family eats, and in some cases, pets are dressed in child-like clothing. The bottom line is that pets are an important part of life for many people, which is why having photos displayed around the home is expected. If you have pets or know of someone who does, one of the best purchases you could make is a pet picture frame.

For instance, if you have horse that you love to ride and simply enjoy as a pet, then a pet picture frame made of rustic wood featuring an actual picture of your horse would be perfect. Depending on the design, some frames such as this would be designed with faux or real leather, rope features, metal embellishments, and then for something extra special, you could have the horse’s name burned into a wood frame, complementing the frame while honoring the pet.

Another great design for a pet picture frame is one made from brushed nickel or pewter. On the bottom of the frame would be words “bow wow” for a dog and “meow” for a cat. Above the area where the photo of the pet would be displayed would be a molded dog or cat. Some companies will customize frames such as this, etching the name of the pet onto the side portion of the frame or the pet’s name could be incorporated in the design.

An attractive type of pet picture frame is made of wood, featuring a metal dog bone, paw prints, dog tag, or the name of the pet attached to the frame itself. A unique design creates a 3D effect, with the photo set back, topped with matting, and then glass on top with fun words such as “woof” or “meow” that offset the overall design. When standing back and looking at the photo on the display, the frame has depth.

If you have a teenager who loves dogs and you are looking for a cherished gift but something that no one else would think of, then perhaps a ceramic pet picture frame in black or white and in the shape of a bone would be perfect. For a cat, a frame in the shape of a cat but made of brown or black leather and designed to hold two photos would also be a great gift. The possibilities are endless regardless of the pet or the size of the photo.

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