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Music is often the rhythm of life. It has the power to invoke our emotions so that we experience the pain of heart break or the passion of living. It can rev us up or calm our soul. Music just plain helps us to experience life. Wouldn’t it be nice to see what you hear? Wouldn’t it be nice to see your favorite artist decorating the wall of your home? Capture the essence of your favorite music in a visual experience using a few of the ideas here.

Print the words of your favorite song on special parchment paper. Add this along with a black and white photo of the artist who sang the song. Set these items against a blue felt background for a calming effect or a red felt background for a more passionate one. For some of us, a nostalgic touch can be added by simply noting the date of the song when it came out. This idea would look especially nice in a glass or ceramic frame with matching colored trim (matching to the felt background). Or what about combining the lyrics with several photos that evoke the ambiance in a collage frame?

Like show tunes? Combine an element of the song with a movie trailer poster for a powerful expression. For example, the spirit of the song “The Eye of the Tiger” can be shown using a Rocky movie trailer poster along with some boxing gloves. Frame these items in shadow box in a bold color like red or black. The striking accent of the frame will reinforce the power of the fighting spirit in the song.

Have you attended a concert lately? Don’t be so quick to trash your concert ticket stubs. Use them as part of this tribute to your favorite artist. If you’re really aggressive, obtain an autograph of this artist to add to this frame concept. Combine these items with a photograph of the band or artist in a gold picture frame. Gold is a bold color often denoting significance or value.

If you’re an artist yourself, consider framing a photograph of your favorite musical instrument in a picture frame. For example, a guitar photo framed with a pick that you use along with the titles of a few of the songs you sang are great items to frame. Set these items against a colored felt back ground and set it in a black picture frame with gold trim. Simply original!

If your favorite music has no lyrics, such as orchestra or some techno music, consider finding a painting or print that depicts the mood that your musical choice creates. For example, maybe the piece has a majestic feel to it. Consider selecting a view of the mountains to display the emotions of the song. Maybe the song has a light, whimsical feel to it. Consider a picture of a lone flower bending in the wind. Add the title or composer to enhance the effect.

There are so many ways to visualize the emotions that music brings out in us. Get creative in the way you display them. Any of the ideas above can be mixed and matched to create just the right mood for your needs. Visually experiencing music can be a fun and decorative concept for your home.

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