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Photo frames are, of course, primarily used to contain pictures for display. But what people sometimes fail to appreciate is that they are not only displaying those pictures but are also exposing the frames themselves. Metal picture frames, for example, add to the beauty or appeal of the area where they are placed. Be it on a desk, a cabinet or on the wall, they also hold intrinsic aesthetic value. Proper selection of frames facilitates the organization and ambiance of a room or space. If people are not cautious in selecting the right frame, they may end up ruining the beauty that they have attempted to establish with all the other decorative objects in the room. It is safe, then, to assume and consider that these picture holders are decorative pieces in their own right, as are the ornaments like figurines, vases and other items specifically placed in the area. A decorative picture frame can be the perfect touch to any room's design.

What are then the important aspects to consider in picking a suitable frame? Below are factors that you should think about before making a purchase of any kind.

Size. Generally, the size should depend on the picture that will be contained. Any types, including silver picture frames, come in various sizes, ranging from very small ones to those which can exceed the size of a window. But the dimension of the frame can also relate to aesthetic purposes, such that larger ones tend to provide emphasis on a given image. Typically, these larger frames hold the portrait of an important individual in the household, or of someone that has a significant meaning in the family, such as a long gone ancestor that contributed substantially to the family. It can even be a wedding picture of the couple who are residing in the home. For such purposes, large frames should be hung on a wall where there is enough space so they do not seem crowded. If you intend to place framed photos on a desk or a cabinet, or any detachable furniture, smaller-sized photo frames are more appropriate to use so that they can be more manageable. The locations can be moved easily for different effects. In addition, some of these locations can be easily reached by children, so it is may be safer to use smaller ones that can resist damage from possibly falling out of place. Some wonderful displays include multiple small frames arranged artfully around a size, color, location or theme such as the children of the family.

Shape. This can also affect their overall appeal. For instance, round pewter picture frames can be used to complement other displays that reflect the same fashion or design. Oftentimes, rounded frames look more elegant. However, you need to be more selective in using them as many photographs won’t work in them. They are best to contain pictures focused on a specific subject. They will probably not be appropriate for group pictures as these may often require a full view of the entire image, while round or oval frames will necessarily crop elements out of the scene. Four-sided frames are the most common and they can be appropriate for almost all types of photos, as they assume the standard dimensions of printed images. There are also double and multi-opening types that somehow take on a three-dimensional form rather than presenting a flat profile.

Theme. Some families do hire an interior designer to make the necessary decisions for the arrangement and decoration of their house. As a brushed metal picture frame may be used to complement a metallic theme, every detail in the area is meant to fulfill an overall plan. If you are designing the interior of the house yourself, you should also consider these objects to be a part of the whole design. If you intend to project a youthful aura in a given room, then colorful frames with fresh designs will contribute to the overall feeling. Everything should harmonize, even if the theme is one combining elements of different styles, in order to provide a warm feeling to whomever comes in. Ample consideration should be given to the background or the current environment so that elements do not compete too loudly for attention. Oftentimes, people do not consciously assign a theme for their interior design. But as you closely observe the objects that make up the current environment, you will notice that they tend to assume a general theme. For example, if your desk is filled with trophies and plaques, as well as laminated certificates, wooden or metal picture frames can best be used. If many plants and handmade items decorate the room, look for unusual and artistic frames to complement the existing atmosphere.

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