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One of the most beautiful ways to frame a photo is with a hand-made picture frame put together from natural materials. Eco-friendly frames and albums made from materials like bark, leaves, and even flowers, and imported from countries like Indonesia, are gaining popularity here in the US. These frames are hand made and as well as being beautiful are made from materials that do not harm the environment. If you are looking for a framing solution for your cherished photos, an imported frame like one of these is an ideal solution. If you are looking for an album to store a collection of pictures in, a hand-made album is also a great choice.

The unique designs of these individually-made frames and albums are created by artists from different countries who still create their art using techniques and materials that have been around for thousands of years. Imported frames and albums made in countries like Indonesia are made of dried tropical leaves from plants including bamboo, hibiscus, lilies, banana, and lotus. Grass, twigs, seed pods, coconut shells, rice paper, seashells, and a other organic materials are also used to make these distinctive frames and albums. Natural materials like these add an exotic flair to the products they are used in and frames and albums from sources like these will reflect their tropical inspiration.

Unlike modern picture frames and albums sold in retail stores, hand-made ones contain eco-friendly materials from non-endangered renewable plants. The materials are not processed or artificial and everything that goes into a hand-made frame or album is natural. This means that if you choose a hand-crafted frame or album to display your photos you can rest assured that you are not contributing to the destruction of the environment. Because all the materials contained in these products are natural, your hand made frames and albums will reflect the beauty of nature.

Hand-made frames and albums also add an exotic flair to any decor. Because all the materials originate from the tropics, a picture frame or photo album made by artists will truly be unique. No machine-made frame can ever compare to the character and style of a hand-made frame. Each frame or album is unique and reflects the various textures of the materials used to create it. No two frames or albums are ever exactly the same because of their hand-made nature and the naturally occurring differences in the materials themselves. If you are looking for a distinctive frame for your special photo, a hand made frame from Indonesia or other natural source is an excellent choice.

Supporting artisans, the environment, and displaying your photos in a unique way is simple if you choose a hand-made frame. Like hand-made frames, hand-made albums are another great way to showcase your photos with a distinctively exotic flair. The design possibilities are endless and you can find something to match any photo and decor. If you arenít looking for another dull frame from a big box store, a hand-made frame or album is for you.

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