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Pewter has long been a favorite raw material used to make items that need to last a long time. Pewter is a combination, or alloy, which is composed of 95 percent tin, 4-5 percent antimony, and small amounts of copper, which give the alloy rigidity and consistency. Modern pewter contains no lead. When pewter is used for a picture frame, it gives the artwork an aura of timelessness and establishes a feel of permanence and importance.

Pewter picture frames are often given as a wedding gift because the frame itself reflects the permanence of the bond between bride and groom. The rich texture and patina of pewter, along with its substantial heft, will frame the photograph or memento with a feeling of solidity, durability and devotion. And that is just the feeling you want to pass on to the lucky couple so that they can be reminded on a daily basis about the primacy of their relationship. Pewter picture frames are also appropriate as anniversary gifts, baby gifts, or gifts for any important occasion. The pewter alloy has a warm and rich tone which is well suited to the subject matter. And because pewter frames are so beautiful and solid, they often become heirlooms passed from generation to generation.

Pewter is also used on the covers of some very elegant photo albums. These are popular because of both high quality workmanship and the rich and permanent look and feel of pewter. Each pewter item actually looks as if is has been in the family for many generations. When you open a picture album that has a pewter cover, you know you are looking at a collection of photos that is really meaningful.

Maintaining pewter is simple. It may eventually oxidize a bit, and that is what gives it the more antique look. But it does not need the same kind of intense polishing that silver or brass needs. You can purchase pewter polish or a more generic metal polish at grocery stores or hardware stores. Your pewter picture frames or photo albums just need a damp wipe and a small amount of polishing to generate that warm luster pewter is known for.

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