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Yes, sterling silver is exciting! The luster and shiny look of these frames make them attractive to the viewer and brings light to any artwork or photo it frames. Sold in a variety of designs, most silver picture frame suppliers can also engrave your frame adding a personal touch.

Interestingly, silver is a metal having value even noted from biblical times. Being a rare precious metal, silver is mined from ore in the North and South Americas. Silver has found its use in a variety of ways from money coins of England and the United States to flatware and hollowware. Silver is also a popular metal for jewelry. Silver is very malleable as a metal, but it does not wear out, making it also popular for heirloom pieces.

The shiny appearance and smooth lines bring a modern, trendy feel to any picture frame. These frames work well with photos, but can also bring out the deep colors of a canvas oil painting. Silver also evokes a feeling of authority and distinction, making it perfect for use in your office. The reflective shine draws subtle attention to the picture frame contents without being overwhelming. Automatically, silver picture frames have a classy appeal that blend well with modern colors and design trends. The use of bright colors in furniture is definitely the hottest trend in the market. Silver goes well with just about any color scheme or pattern you might have!

Antique is also vogue. Victorian crafted silver picture frames are a wonderful accent for your black and white pictures. They enhance the older look and feel. Antique sterling silver picture frames are excellent heirlooms for your family. The authentic beauty and superb craftsmanship of the picture frame designer gives a mark of excellence to any frame.

Revive your sterling silver picture frames. This can easily be done with a simple silver polish if your frame is tarnished. For routine cleaning of finger prints and dust, a soft cloth with a mild liquid detergent should do the trick. If your picture frame is severely tarnished, you might consider getting it restored or even silver-plated by a professional restorer. Bad work could damage the frame even more.

So what’s the cost of these gems? Sterling silver frames can cost more than $100 dollars for a mere 4” X 6” size. You can still have the look of silver for a fraction of the cost using silver plated picture frames. Depending upon the style and picture frame designer, a 4” X 6” can cost between $12 and $50. You can still get your picture frame engraved if you choose.

Still looking for the perfect silver frame for your home? A quick search on this site will produce multiple beautiful options for your framing needs. With many uses and the flexibility of complementing silver with any other color, silver photo frames make a perfect choice to decorate your living room. Take a look and see how silver picture frames can work for you!

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