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When a couple gets married they may find that some of their guests will ask them what they want. Other times, guests will utilize the bridal registry or make an educated guess at what the bride and groom will want or need in their new home.

Whether couples that are easy to read or not, almost every newly engaged or just married pair will happily welcome a silver wedding picture frame either for a wedding gift or an engagement gift. Engagement pictures and wedding photos always look fabulous in these frames. What is even better is that there are so many styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from.

Silver always seems to enhance the look, style, and feel of any room. They can be large or small, round, square, or rectangular. Silver is also popular for unusually shaped frames such as wedding bells with ribbons in the wedding colors. A popular frame for many is one that consists of both bright silver and brushed silver looks, adorned with wedding rings atop and centered. Added at the bottom is the inscription, “With this ring, I thee wed.” This frame is available in both the 4x6 and 5x7 sizes.

Adding class and dignity, wedding photos displayed in these frames will look amazing on any wall, counter, table or mantle. Silver is a very popular choice for many couples preparing their wedding and picking out particular accents. Candlesticks, utensils, as well as some wedding floral arrangements and decorations may have a hint of silver in them.

A wedding, for most every couple, is a very momentous episode in their lives. Giving the couple a silver wedding picture frame can be a symbol of respect from the giver to the bride and groom. Capturing the wedding’s special moments in the perfect frame is something that all couples are sure to love and they will always remember you for it. There is no better way to preserve memories than utilizing the perfectly appropriate frame chosen to suit the recipients.

Prices range from very economical to very expensive but no matter what your budget, you are most certainly going to find the perfect one that both the bride and groom will love for the rest of their lives together. The right picture frame will enhance the photo and not detract from it. After all, the entire point of the frame is to protect the picture and focus one’s attention on the memories represented by it.

The most treasured moments of a wedding can be captured in these frames. Silver is time honored, classy and distinguished. There are so many ideas for inscriptions that can be engraved as well. You can say something that matches the moment of the wedding or you can offer up your own personalized message to the bride and groom.

Every wedding couple is different in personality and style. There are some who will never have anything silver in their homes, there are some who may consider it, and then there are those who feel that only a
silver wedding picture frame will do.

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