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It is easy to create a flawless, coordinated décor in your home that is as elegant as it is welcoming. The key: superb display of photographs. Our photographs are like pieces of our souls; they remind us of our past, our loved ones, and our experiences, helping us to recall memories every time we look at them. Besides being very personal prized possessions, these pictures also make the most beautiful, distinct artwork. Displaying them in an attractive way has two purposes – to surround us with our memories and also to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. There is no better way to do this than with vintage glass picture frames.

The beauty of vintage glass is that it instantly creates a wonderful window through which to view your favorite photograph. As with any window, it is the view that you want to look at, so glass frames are often ideal for a large number of photos because they do not detract from the subject. Large, heavy, ornate frames can be beautiful, but they can also be too cumbersome for snapshots, candids, or simple portraits. It is hard to enjoy the effortless beauty of a sunset, for instance, when there is too much visual confusion in the frame. Vintage glass frames eliminate this problem, allowing your attention to be drawn into the photo. Instead of distracting you from the subject, they accentuate its beauty. That makes all the difference when you want to display your photo to its best advantage.

When you have a photograph that means a lot to you, you want it to shine. Vintage glass photo frames are versatile in that they can beautifully accommodate a variety of photographic styles. Wedding pictures, photos of your newborn child, portraits of your family and friends all look great in an antique art glass setting. A classic black and white portrait of a bride looks just as gorgeous as a full color shot of your family reunion. Antique art glass flatters shots taken yesterday and family treasures taken decades ago. An added bonus: if you want to change the photo in the frame, you can be assured that the next one will look just as good.

Vintage glass photo frames also make a tremendous difference to your décor. A cold, bare room becomes warmer as soon as you display a photo in an elegant frame. Besides allowing your pictures to shine, these frames are visually appealing in their own right. Classic, simple lines with antique art glass will enhance any style from contemporary to traditional. Versatility is essential in any product you buy, and there are few frames that can match the flexibility of vintage frames. They can easily be mixed and matched with any color scheme or style of furniture. You can group several photos in vintage frames to create a classic mosaic look or add some to other styles for an eclectic mix. However you choose to use them, glass frames can create and maintain the ambience in any room. It is easy to make your house a home by displaying your photos in attractive and distinctive frames.

Modern yet timeless,
vintage glass photo frames add a touch of style while showcasing your favorite pictures. Guests will be drawn to your photos and invited to study them by the simple power of classic glass frames. And best of all, when you need a break from hectic, busy days, you can look to your own pictures for a bit of much needed peace. Antique art glass frames give your treasured pictures the attention they deserve as well as the beauty you deserve.

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