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While it may seem like a contradiction, antiques are actually very versatile. Besides lending a look of a certain bygone era to a room or home, antiques can add a touch of needed contrast and texture to a contemporary or even ultramodern décor. An easy and affordable way to add an antique flair to your home is to use vintage picture frames for your favorite photos. Whether clear or slightly tinted, they add so much to the quality of your photo’s appearance and your enjoyment of it. What type of photos look best in these frames, and how can you use them to their fullest? A simple answer is that antique art glass picture frames are ideal for any of your favorite photos. While they are vintage, that does not limit you to displaying only old family shots or period photographs. These are a great place to start, but don’t let the word “antique” fool you! These frames work for a very wide range of photo subjects and styles. Classic black and white shots look great in vintage picture frames because the simple clean lines of the frame complement the photo. The simplicity of the photo is mirrored in the frame and creates a harmonious whole. Again, though, it does not have to be an “antique” looking photo. A contemporary, edgy subject, for instance, gets a blast of contrast with the classic look of the frame. From portraits of your ancestors to candid shots of your friends, antique art glass and black and white photos make for excellent and tasteful décor.

Don’t be afraid to let your colorful side show, though. If one of your best photos is a of a wild, blooming garden featuring your best friend wearing a pink and yellow dress, simple antique art glass may be one of your best framing options. The elegant lines will offer contrast to the bright colors of the photo. A benefit of clear glass picture frames and even floating glass picture frames, is that they do not distract. If you have a subject that is as big as life, a heavy, ornate frame will cause an explosion of visual stimuli. It might be just too much to look at. Much better is to provide a clean window through which to view the picture and enjoy the colors. Yet another versatile feature of all types of clear glass picture frames is that they can allow the colors of the wall to shine through. If you have colored walls, this can create a very nice display that both shows off your picture and adds to your room’s ambience. You can easily create the illusion that your photos’ subjects are floating across your walls with floating glass picture frames. There is no end to the artistic displays you can create.

It is easy to incorporate antique art glass frames into your home’s décor because they simply go with anything. No matter your color palette, architecture, furnishings, or other art work, vintage picture frames will allow your pictures to shine and complement the style of your rooms. You can use these frames in a variety of ways, depending on your personal preferences. You can group several clear glass frames on your walls featuring family photos. This allows you to integrate older photos with newer ones and still retain a sense of cohesion. Try mixing a vintage picture frame in with contemporary pieces for some contrast. Line your windowsill with two or three fun candids with antique art glass frames. Or try a floating glass picture frame for a sunset shot. There are infinite looks and moods you can create. Find your style and show it off.

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