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Pictures make us laugh, cry, and smile. They rekindle the long, forgotten memories that lie in the dusty corners of our minds. Photographs help us to remember the excitement of new love, the smell of a precious baby, the happy tears that were shed over a grandchildís proudest moment, or the gentle hug of a father who is no more. Pictures echo through the annals of time, bringing us back to a place of sweet remembrance and beloved moments in our lives. Pictures are special to each of us for a variety of reasons, and each one holds a dear place in our hearts and minds. Our precious photographs arenít meant to be hidden away in storage boxes, or in the lonely corridors of an attic or basement. They are meant to be displayed with pride. They are meant to be a focal point in our homes, visible to all our friends and family. Antique picture frames provide the perfect display for every one of your cherished photos.

Each glass picture frame is made with a special stained glass technique that creates a vintage picture frame look. These frames are beautifully crafted and come in a myriad of styles and sizes sure to fit the decor in your home. Whether your decor is contemporary or traditional, you are bound to find a vintage glass frame that will encase each of your pictures beautifully. Each antique picture frame is made of beveled glass, champagne colored glass, or outlined with accent colors. Some of these vintage picture frames even come with beautifully crafted, glass inserts placed within the glass of each frame.

There are several styles of picture frames out there that overwhelm photos. They are created with color and design that detract from your pictures and place the emphasis on the frame instead. These antique picture frames are specifically made to avoid this. Each frame is made from delicate glass that illuminates your photos, instead of detracting the eye away from them. Each precious face, smile, and cherished moment will be framed, beautifully, in one of these unique, glass picture frames.

If you have photos that you have been wanting to display for your family and friends, or if you are tired of picture frames that detract from your photos, consider buying a beautiful, vintage picture frame. These vintage picture frames bring the look of a time past into a modern and contemporary world. Even though each picture frame is brand new, your photos will look like they are being displayed in an heirloom, antique picture frame. People will wonder if each glass frame was a gift, passed down to you from your mother or grandmother. These beautiful frames are reminiscent of a time long ago. Let an antique picture frame provide you with a high-quality display to place your lifeís most cherished moments. Whatever your style, there are a variety of antique picture frames to chose from. These frames are sure to add an elegant, yet very comfortable touch to your home.

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