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Being in love is great! It adds a bounce to our step, cheerfulness in our tone and just plain makes us feel alive! But easily, the pressures and demands of life bring us to a place where we forget the pangs of our heart and the way it raced the first time we saw our loved one. Let framed photos become a part of our wall décor to remind us of those special times we spent. Capture these moments in vintage picture frames to accentuate the timelessness of these great moments. Here are just a few of the great moments to capture for your picture frames of love.

A woman always remembers the first date. A good shot to have would be of the two of you at the special location of your date. This can be uniquely accented by using a white ceramic picture frame with hearts on it. You could personalize it even further by notating the location and date of your first time out.

Remember the fluttering of the first kiss? Take a photo of the two of you kissing. This pose looks great when positioned from the waist up but make it even more intimate by having your picture focused on the both of you from the neck up. A light kiss on the lips will work as anything else may give a hint of mauling. For a classic look, accentuate this close-up photo using a glass picture frame with metal leafy artwork on it. For a more comical look, frame this photo in a red lips picture frame. It’ll definitely be a highlight of your wall!

Have a picture of a memorable day spent together. Eventually over the years, this will turn into memorable day(s). Take pictures of the both of you holding hands or in front of a sign saying where you are. Location shots work really well as photos. You could also capture a sunset in the background or even the two of you in front of your car. For framing these photos, try to find a picture frame of the location where you were. A trip to the local tourist shop may do the trick. You could also use frames that depict the mood of that day. For example, a light, cheerful mood can be shown using a rainbow frame. You could also use a bright, yellow colored frame with floral designs.

Frame the words of your favorite song or poem. You can get this done easily by typesetting this yourself or have it done for you by your local printer. Have the words printed on parchment paper or any special paper of your choice. This would look especially nice framed in a rose motif pewter picture frame. You could also use a leaf-textured metallic or glass picture frame that has wide borders.

Remembering these special times will enhance your relationship as you both remember the special times you shared. As you can see, with a few photos and some unique picture frames, you can add an intimate touch to your home décor. Start capturing your special moments today and create your assortment of decorative displays.

Capturing fun, casual moments is a great way to memorialize your long time together in love, but don’t forget to display your best wedding photos in specially-chosen picture frames. On significant anniversary years, selecting meaningful photos and photo frames that set them off perfectly will go along way toward reminding you of your love every time you glance in their direction.

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