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Weddings are arguably the most photographed times in our lives. Everyone has their favorite pictures of their special day but too often these special pictures are relegated to envelopes and drawers. But if you have the right picture frames, displaying these special memories is easy. 


One of the best reasons to get your wedding pictures out of the drawer and into frames is because framing a picture helps to preserve it. Your photos will be safe, will look good, and will last a lot longer than pictures that rattle around in a drawer for years. Your photos will be safe from stains and wrinkles and will be displayed where you can share them with friends and family. Picking the right frame is not hard if you know what to look for.  Don't wait too long--emptying out shoe boxes full of mixed-up pictures won't get easier over time.


The wedding picture frame should match the style of the wedding. If your wedding was formal, an intricate pewter, crystal, gold or silver-accented framed would be a good choice to emphasize the formal nature of the wedding picture. On the other hand, if your wedding was very relaxed, an elegant simple frame would be the best match to display your wedding picture in. Wedding pictures taken in the outdoors will look great in natural frames made of paper and other naturally-occurring materials, but may not stand up to the test of time as well as wedding pictures framed in more common materials like wood and metal. Glass frames are also a good choice for wedding photos and have the big advantage of blending in with a majority of styles. 


When anniversaries roll around, picture frames can be a great gift. Anniversary frames, like wedding picture frames, should reflect the mood of the picture they are meant to display. Pick a frame that complements both the picture that will go in it and the style of the room it will be displayed in. Picture frames can be a unique way to give anniversary gifts because you can give a "traditional" gift that is both useful and beautiful. The first anniversary is traditionally a paper gift, and a hand-made paper frame or photo album would be a great choice. A wooden frame would be appropriate for a fifth anniversary where the traditional gift is wood and so on. Because every couple has pictures that are special to them, the gift of a picture frame is a great idea for anniversaries.


Since wedding photos are so important don't rush into frame decisions quickly but give some thought to which frame will complement your wedding picture the best.  Picking the perfect frame may seem like a daunting task, but with a little thought and consideration for all the other elements both inside and outside of the frame, finding one that works beautifully can effectively be done. 

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