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People often express their sense of individuality and personality through the art and décor they choose, and through the picture frames they use for display, whether it is for paintings or photos. While frames are available in a number of different materials, wood picture frames are classics. Back before the 20th century, just about all frames were hand-carved. In more modern times, framers sometimes use hand-carved wood as molds for plaster frames. But wood is still the preferred medium for craftsmen who build frames. It is relatively light, it can be carved, painted, or even gold-plated to created just the look the artist wants.

You will find frames in many different shapes, including round, oval, heart shaped, square and rectangular. And if you need a custom-made wood picture frame, you’ll be able to find a framer who can point you in the right direction. A creative artist can integrate several media into a wooden frame, including gold thread, beads, metal, twigs, and fabric. An ideal choice for people who prefer elegance is an engraved or gilded wood picture frame. And selecting a rich smooth wood will always enhance a photo or piece of art if you prefer a simpler tone. Think of highly polished cherry wood with a low gloss finish, for example. Or a lighter colored natural wood that ties room décor and photo together.

The most common types of picture frames on the market are the wooden picture frames. Because of the details in the wood’s grain they often provide you with a unique look. Wooden frames also present some of the more traditional styles. In selecting wooden frames there are different qualities and elements that you do need to take into consideration, including where you want to place or hang your frame, the décor, and any neighboring frames hung nearby.

You can also consider that many people enjoy making their own wooden frames. You don’t need an entire shop of tools. You can buy staples and vises that are designed for framing, and small saws let hobbyists make precise cuts. Then you can finish the frame by sanding and then painting or staining your work. The most important decision is usually what kind of wood you want to use.

But what if you do not have the time, skills or preference to create your own wooden frames? In that case there are myriad ready-made ones, so many, in fact, that you can be assured of finding something that just suits the need you have. It won’t be necessary to settle for a plain-Jane wooden frame, either, if you would like something more expressive. Single frames in almost any shape are available, as well as double and triple frames and collages that may have openings for between four and a dozen photographs. The ones with the most openings are usually large enough that they are primarily intended for hanging on a wall, rather than standing independently on a surface such as a table, desk, counter or shelf. In that case, they will contribute a major effect in the location they are placed.

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