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Buaya Photo Album

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The sea turtle on the front cover of this wonderful photo album has a message to you from all the people of the South Pacific: the sea turtle is a symbol of harmony and abundance. The island people have it right with this one. When you have sea turtle images in your house, you have a little bit of the South Pacific in your heart.

The album is a unique piece of art, designed and assembled by artisans from the island of Bali. It is made from completely local, all organic plant material. For example, the weaving on the front is local grasses. The rest of the album might be made of local leaves from the banana, the hibiscus, or the palm, pine, or nut tree bark. We especially like the sea turtle design because it does have that feeling of peace and harmony.

And we like the bold colors and fancy design of this hand-made photo album, which really stands out.

It is all eco-friendly, all natural, and all beautiful.

This album style is available in 3 sizes:

Large: overall dimension of 14.5" x 12.75" holds 4 4"x6" photos per page for a total of 80 photos in each album.

Medium: overall dimension of 11.25" x 9.25" holds 2 4"x6" photos per page, totaling 40 photos per album.

Small: overall dimension of 8.75" x 6.5" holds 1 4"x6" photo per page and will display a total of 20 photos in the album

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